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Default Re: Seahawks 2013-2014 Super Bowl Champions Thread

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
Seahawks's? What's with the extra 's'

And I think there's a team within Seattle's division who is right there. I'm a huge fan of Russell Wilson, but I think I'd take Kaepernick over RW. I'm not a Niners fan, but I can't wait to see what he does this next season.

Those Sea/SF games are going to be epic. I do want to see someone smack Dick Sherman one time, like hit-of-the-year smack.

Kaepernick over Russell Wilson? You have to be kidding me! There is no comparison here Russell Wilson is way better. Both are great runners, but throwing accuracy-wise, it is not even close. Kaepernick is not a good passer period, I don't care how much power he has. He's basically Jamarcuss Russell with legs. Russell Wilson is a great passer and runner and has excellent football instincts.

And at 49ers. There isn't no rivalry here go look at the SNF highlights where we embarrassed them
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