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Originally Posted by abuC
You never know, oneday you can be a beast in the gym and throw around weight like a madman then the next week that very same weight feels like it's a ton. I almost broke my ribs a few weeks ago with a really light weight because the bar rolled in my hands.
you just have to be careful and know your limits on certain days, some days you'll have more carbohydrates, you'll be eating cleaner, and some days you wouldn't have eaten as well as you should've.

Don't think because you took your pre-workout or had a mug of coffee you'll be able to lift as much as you did the week before.

The best way to maintain the amount of weight you push and to push more weight is to watch your diet. It doesn't have to be the cleanest thing in the world. But it does have to be consistent, if you want to consistently gain muscle.

If your looking to pack on some muscle or looking for a good diet plan I'd be happy to write you one up. This is my personal training Facebook page Hit me with an inbox there and I'd be more than happy to give a hand :)
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