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Originally Posted by NotYetGreat

I'm a stickler for form though and I cringe whenever he shows me his videos of PRs. The other day he shot himself doing 220 lbs on the back squat (With his training age, I'd have expected him to reach that long ago) and he couldn't even get histhigh to go parallel. The whole night he was trying to justify his form.
I love this as well. I went to a meat head gym a few weeks ago where they have a dedicated leg room. Needless to say this room was quite empty and whenever someone would walk passed it they would come into the gym room and give me the talk on

"my calves a very stiff, so i can't train legs"
"i broke my big toe, so i can't train legs"
"i can't sit down properly and can only lie down. So i can't train legs"

Not that i have the thighs of Arnie or Coleman, but seriously legs is one major part of the body that you have to train over any other part of the body.
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