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Default Re: Should we somehow try to get rid of Amare?

Originally Posted by Scoooter
Why we are blaming Amar'e for being injured? It's not like he meant to do it. Disappointment I get, but not anger.

I just see him as a bonus at this point. The team has been winning just fine without Amar'e this year. All the major pieces of that formula (Chander, Melo, Felton) will be good to go against the Celtics. If it's one-and-done again (how could it be this year?), it's all on Melo. He's gotten everything he wanted. His team, his coach, his buddies, no one who he has to share the ball with.

This playoff run may well be the most stark referendum on his career to date. I think it will be exciting. I don't see anyone in the East that's really worth a damn outside of the Heat and possibly the Bulls.

I'm perplexed by this comment. #1 I don't think anyone is mad at him for being injured. We're just tired of waiting on him. He's like a deadbeat dad. We're just waiting on him to show up and be a consistent part of this team. I just see a guy who, not only is always in street clothes, but seems to always be marketing himself in the public rather than rallying around the Knicks.

Secondly, how is this "all on Melo" and how did he get "everything he wanted." I don't recall A. Him wanting this roster going into the playoffs. B. Him wanting key personnel to be injured or C. Him ever saying he doesn't want to have to share the ball. He seems happiest on the court when the Knicks are clicking on all cylinders and he's getting buckets without having to force it. His playoff performances haven't been terrible thus far for NY so it's not his fault we haven't won a playoff series. At some point, we have to take our heads out of our asses and stop repeating the same irrelevant garbage. At some point we have to start, as a fan base, pointing the finger at the other players.
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