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Default Re: The guy who starts fights at the park

Originally Posted by Svendiggity
This guy was a tall jock kid, probably 18 or 19 years old. 6'3'' 175 or so and could dunk.

I'm 25 years old 5'11'' 155 and can barely touch the rim on a good day.

He was very arrogant and whenever someone would stop his drive he'd hold the ball low in the paint for 5 seconds or more and then try to go up for a lay-up. He would complain about weak fouls so I said something like "I'm not just going to let you hold the ball in the paint forever and then go up for layups." He said he was going to fight me. He kept doing things on the court that pissed people off, even his teammates were getting frustrated because his trash talk with me was throwing his game off while I kept my cool and kept playing my game.

One play the ball was on the floor and we both went for it and had equal control but instead of giving up (like he thought I would) I kept fighting for it. we fought for the ball for 15 seconds it seemed like and I ended up with the ball. This really pissed him off. He pushed me and I said "just play ball". When he checked the ball to me he threw it at my chest as hard as he could and went down to the other end for a layup (we didn't count the bucket obviously) I had no reaction to any of his bullshit, kinda like Kobe when Matt Barnes faked a pass at his face. Anyway, I hit the game winning three and we beat them. I still said nothing after I hit the shot even though I wanted to.

Just thought I'd share my story and see how you guys would have reacted if you were me or one of my teammates. It's annoying that people play like that. What can you do about people like this? It seems like I run into one or two every Sunday.

this is very mature of you, i think "exceptional" few young players go through that arrogant and fight picking stage, people will mature as they progress and usually happens to players who never played organized ball

hats off to you, great sportsmanship
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