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Default Re: Cavs fire coach Scott!?

Originally Posted by B-Low
I feel for Byron.

It's not his fault LeBron split a week after he got hired

It's not his fault his 2 best players are made out of glass

It's not his fault the front office has wasted more top-5 picks than Michael Jordan (Waiters and Tristan are good don't get me wrong, but I still don't think they were top 5 worthy. Top 10-15? Yes. But not top 5)

It's not his fault Cleveland's not exactly a market that draws in big free agents

With that said though, the defense thing killed him and understandably so. I don't blame Scott. I'm upset that they fired him. But I do understand WHY they fired him.

TT broke a cavs record for ORBS in a season and was the second best Offensive rebounder in the league behind z-bo and a consistent double double guy at 21 years old, plus he has great intangibles. he was drafted on potential. Only bigs from his class you can make a case for are better than him right now is faried.

Dion Waiters is def. a top 5 rookie in last years draft. Don't really know what you smoking/huffing.

Grant turned two "reaches" into two very solid picks and you act like they f*cked their draft up? Did you watch this past season?
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