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Default Re: The guy who starts fights at the park

Throwing the ball at a player on a check is kind of hilarious. That's third grade status. My little brothers and I have joked about doing that for years because the notion of actually doing something like that is just so ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Svendiggity
Then I'll say something like "get out of here f*ckin b*tch." not directed at anyone. Stuff like that raises peoples spirits, especially when the little white point guard does it.
Haha, I don't necessarily have an issue with what you say, but do think it really raises the spirits of the people around you? I'd understand teammates being pumped about you grinding inside for a strong basket, but I have a tough time imagining teammates feeding off of name calling.

Then again, I recognize every court and atmosphere is different, so maybe that's just something that wouldn't work in my area but would elsewhere. In my spot, I'm not sure anyone takes something like that very seriously. If anything, a player's own teammates are likely to tell a dude to chill a little bit if they start saying things like that.

I still remember this time a fellow made a slow move from the perimeter, truck sticked me, fired this weird off balance 14 footer that hit every part of the iron and fell. Being his first hit after numerous poor attempts, he said, in a serious voice, "This is a man's game." Everyone's face twisted in a, "Wait, is he serious?" manner. But he was. He was dead serious, and it was bizarre.
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