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Default Re: Cavs fire coach Scott!?

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
You also can't say "Only bigs from his class you can make a case for are better than him right now is faried." Kanter definitely has a case. A two year rotation player for a playoff contending team in the West that was the best player on the court when he got to start. He was the youngest guy in the draft who is also the least experienced. Great offensive rebounder in his own right.
They are in completely different situations and it's tough to make a case for one over the other, at least at this stage. Yes, Kanter is a good rotation player on a far superior team and I've liked Kanter from what I have seen, which admittedly isn't much.

Thompson is getting major minutes and developing rapidly on an inferior team.

To follow-up on where Duke was going, Tristan's vast improvement is clearly visible in his numbers and even more obvious when you watch him play.

Varejao was knocked out for the season on Dec. 18 against the Raptors. TT started the remaining 56 games and averaged 13.2 points on 50% shooting, 10.3 rebounds and a block a game over that stretch.

He also played in all 82 games, which is pretty impressive for a guy who just turned 22 and is in his second season.

You can make a case for Kanter, being that he is an entirely different situation and playing well for what has been asked of him. I think it is fair to say both guys have lived up to their respective billings thus far.

I don't really care to "rate" the bigs of the 2011 draft this early in their careers. We'll see where they are five years down the road. Time will tell.
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