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Default Re: Cavs fire coach Scott!?

Originally Posted by chips93
just because something isnt the biggest problem, doesnt mean its not a problem at all, and not worth dealing with.

Thank God for some common sense. Take any team at any level - HS, College, Pro: It really does matter who's on your team to win, but what does it take to improve weak side coverage, help and recover, and any other fundamental defensive principles?

If you have a group of people who can't score a lick or are struggling to win, can you - at a minimum - get them to IMPROVE defensively? This isn't about being the best team in the NBA, this is about improvement. Many coaches "overcome" and you wonder how in the hell they're winning. That didn't happen here. It's a little unfair to Byron, but every fan knows what they're watching, and there really is no screaming reason to think this is a mistake.
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