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Default Re: Why havent we amnestied BC?

Seen you around the main board. Didn't know you were Raptor fan and that is a great user name for this class of fans.

To answer your question, our owners probably don't care outside of making money (which, admittedly, are very good at) and probably think they have to give Bargnani shot number 4 as a key player on the team. Not to mention BC's stubborn ass won't admit to a fault.

Fields has to be a 6+ million dollar bench player because he will grab rebounds, defend, and be inconsistent for the rest of the year... but he's got cool PS Vita commercials, tho !

The direction is trash and very narrow minded unless Val becomes a star player, but even then I'm not going to be very impressed. Only Val, Amir, and Gay seem like keepers for contending, but quiet honestly, we aren't going to be contending for anything by mediocrity for the next few years if the aim is to get low seeds in the playoffs.

By the way, trading Jose Calderon was the final piece from the last GM we had (Babcock):

Made it worse.
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