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Default Re: Cavs fire coach Scott!?

Originally Posted by sixer6ad
Byron was not asked to perform miracles, but do you think that he shouldn't be blamed for shitty defense? You can't win the Kentucky Derby riding a jackass, but you can take any five locals and teach them to IMPROVE defensively. We are the only team in NBA history to blow at least 4 twenty point leads in one season.

I'm totally fine with this.

We need a huge splash -- someone to adopt us and say "enough is enough", let me show this city how this is done.

Phil Jackson - Would he be intrigued by winning titles with Michael in Chicago, Kobe in LA, and LBJ in Cleveland? He needs 5 years at $10 million per. Kyrie stays, LBJ comes back, and other free agents come back. We need to make a huge splash or we lose our 2nd superstar and the franchise is in jeopardy.

This move tells me it's not okay to lose and stand there with your arms crossed. I'm happy. Now...shock the world Gilbert.

LeBron is not coming back
I cant believe Cavs fans would even think that it was a possibility.
Stay in Miami and win titles, or go back to shithole Cleveland and carry a scrub team? Not going to happen.

I think they do need to make major roster changes though, and actually try and compete next season. I mean its not asking the world, the fu*king bucks made the playoffs with 38 wins
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