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Default Re: Cavs fire coach Scott!?

Originally Posted by coin24
LeBron is not coming back
I cant believe Cavs fans would even think that it was a possibility.
Stay in Miami and win titles, or go back to shithole Cleveland and carry a scrub team? Not going to happen.

I think they do need to make major roster changes though, and actually try and compete next season. I mean its not asking the world, the fu*king bucks made the playoffs with 38 wins

insecure much?

RBA i don't know if I buy those personnel issues with Byron and the team. I think it was the complete lack of any sort of defensive identity that did him in. I feel like the ferry administration was so much more open with the media and the grant administration does its best to keep everything hush hush. I trust no cavs beat writers anymore. Nobody has a clue whats going on.
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