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Default Re: The guy who starts fights at the park

To me trash talking is the worst part about basketball. I do take trash talking seriously. I don't see it as being "part of someones game," if you're calling someone names on the court that's no different than doing it anywhere else. And if you did that at the bar you'd expect the other person to swing at you, no?

I don't play with people who talk trash because I know I will end up fighting them, and I really prefer not to fight. So to me the best thing to do is just remove myself from the situation and never play with those players again. Even mid game, I will leave if someone is talking trash. When I was younger I let my anger get the best of me in those situations, and now being in my 20's I have more of a level head to just get out of there.

I'm no tough guy by any means, but to me trash talking is unacceptable on the court. It might be because where I'm from, it seems the only players that seriously trash talk are the wanna be gangsters and dick heads. It's never like, "oh, I'm only playing, that's just part of my game." It's the people who really are running their mouths, on a more personal level.
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