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Default Re: Valanciunas For Harden

In hindsight, you obviously do this trade. No questions asked. I'm sure there would've been more to it but Valanciunas would've been the main piece and I assume the Raptors would've still kept this past lottery pick.

But back then? I'll admit, I probably would've been hesitant to let Valanciunas go as I was a big fan of his talent but probably would've done it still. I always thought Harden was absolutely worthy of a max deal. A missed opportunity but whatever, we all know the Raptors have incompetent management. We don't know the full details here. I'll choose to bash the management for moves that were actually made (Fields, Ross, Derozan).

But damn, imagine a core of:

PG: Lowry
SG: Harden
SF: ?????
PF: Amir
C: Drummond
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