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Default Re: Beer bet : Most likely off season scererio

Originally Posted by el gringos
What are you seeing the raptors getting in the trade to Milwaukee? Looks like you're seeing teams with capspace absorbing Monta Ellis

I am trying to be realistic like Blurap above. Not saying anything about quality of move ; just saying my best guess realistic guess.

All I can say "for sure" for the sake of a beer bet is that Bargnani ends up with the Bucks. It is the best fit overall.


How it shakes out ?

Bargnani for Monta straight up Bages is something like 11.5 and 12 for next two seasons , Monta is 11 Million next season (player option). Fits cap wise. Bucks could use Barges skill and size on that team. Toronto gets a 1 year rental with very slightly smaller cap hit bringing them closer to being under in the future.

Perhaps Houston would get in the deal to aquire Monta for Lithuanian Montejuinas, JLin , lottery protected draft choice (s) and absorb some cap hit as they have enough room and Toronto would be "under the cap if the deal goes through" ; think it could be worked in a way the new CBA would be allowed. Perhaps disgruntled Royce White is a part of this.

Milw doesnt need a Jlin back (same issue) and doesnt match up well in any deals for Monta..

For Houston - Monta / Hardin / Asik (even as a 5) and cap space has to be a strong core incentive for a FA like Howard or Lbron if he opted out of Miami after winning another ring.

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