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Default Celtics get through Boston marathon tragedy OK

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers awoke Friday morning in New York to panicked calls from team managing partner Steve Pagliuca, who wanted to make sure Rivers and his players were OK. Rivers groggily reminded Pagliuca that the team was in New York, but soon became aware of the overnight violence and the massive manhunt for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

"It woke me up, then you turn the TV on and then you don't go back to sleep, you can't turn it back off," said Rivers. "So it's really sad stuff. It's crazy, it's sad. You just want it to come to an end."

Like most back home, Celtics players spent the morning glued to news reports of what was happening around Boston. Those with families in the area called home to ensure their safety. Then Rivers tried to collect their focus for the final off day workout before Boston and New York open a first-round playoff series on Saturday with Game 1 at Madison Square Garden.

-- ESPN Boston
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