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Default Re: Beer bet : Most likely off season scererio

Originally Posted by el gringos
So you think a team with illyasova as then the highest paid player on the team as a stretch 4 would be the team that Bargnani (also a stretch 4) fits best?

I believe that more than a team that already has a high paid stretch 4 it would be a team that needs a stretch 4 that Bargnani would be the best fit for.

Ny with a post playing 3 and floor spacing needs is the best fit for Bargnani.

I dont see this as some sort of move the Bucks are making for the long term. It may not be a good fit or there are likely better fits.

For the Bucks Its "monta money" for 1 more year and another big at the 5 at the 4 who at one time seemed capable of scoring 22 a game. With Monta gone they want some offense back. Low risk and cap flex one year later.

One problem for another.

I mean Bucs are 4 and out. Its a weak draft. No other team is going to load up the Bucks with multiple first rounders for Ellis when there are other FA options. Barges becomes and expriing contract in a year when the draft looks deeper.

Toronto looks like they aquired talent (not where needed) and moves a source of fan discontent out of the arena.

I dont see the Knicks at all. In division and all that bagage. Amare and all that bagage.

I know what you are saying in terms of "success factors and basketball logic" but I am beer bet guessing based on Salary cap and interim needs, long hanging fruit deals that kinda sweep things to the side.
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