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Love team up. I play the same role regardless of which player I get (unless PG).

Just consistently crash the offensive glass all game. Pretty easy to pile up a triple double in this mode, so as long as your teammates realize how to cut or space the floor. I grab your misses, you stay on the 3pt line and jack up as many shots as you want. Most people have no idea how to rebound for some reason.

One of the most enjoyable games I played came in teamup. We got Team USA, I played Iguodala at center, everyone else had a shooter/ball handler and we ran like the Denver Nuggets. Unselfishness, everyone got a ton of touches, and we ran the Dream Team out of the gym. We put up over a 100, I think three of us got triple doubles, and the best part was that only two people quit on the other team. Random game too.

imo, the best teams are the one where the PG realizes he doesn't need to be ball dominant. Smart passes, know which players can shoot and which are hot, but ALWAYS keep the ball moving. Can't stand the ones who need to make every single assist. You isolate the rest of the team and it's just no fun. This mode should be like pick up ball, not an organized game.
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