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Default Re: Cavs fire coach Scott!?

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
insecure much?

RBA i don't know if I buy those personnel issues with Byron and the team. I think it was the complete lack of any sort of defensive identity that did him in. I feel like the ferry administration was so much more open with the media and the grant administration does its best to keep everything hush hush. I trust no cavs beat writers anymore. Nobody has a clue whats going on.
Like I said, that's just what I heard. I will say, I noticed some pretty weird body language between Byron and some of the "veterans" like Mo Speights and Gibson. I don't want to read too much into it, but something seemed a little off toward the end of the year.

Otherwise, I would have completely disregarded Kotoch and his claims. Kotoch isn't a beat writer, btw... He's a national basketball writer, not that this makes it any more or less credible.

Originally Posted by coin24
I just find it funny how so many Cavs fans are claiming hes coming back to play with Kyrie

Interesting, because I don't see many Cavs fans talking about how James is coming back. And, I'm on record as saying I want nothing to do with James.

So, whatever... Fact is, you want it both ways. You want Cavs fans to want James, because all you think about is James. I'm telling you right now, I want nothing to do with him and that's probably the only thing that could make me turn my back on this franchise.

Do you have anything of value to add to this thread? (rhetorical question... I know the answer is a resounding, "no")
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