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Default Re: Knowing your role on a team

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Yep, there is a certain amount of freedom that is earned through rebounding and defense in pick-up games. Normally I can tell when I don't quite have it and those are the days when I try to set more picks, move a lot, rebound, defend, etc. Honestly, those days are some of the most satisfying.

Second this

I always try to set as many picks as possible, even if I know it's a bad shooter and he's gonna chuck it up. Actually, especially if they are chuckers since they'll recognize the freedom my screens give them much more. It's an easy way to gain respect on the court, teammates will give up the rock to you and set picks for you as well. Plus it frustrates the opposition, particularly when you set picks for one specific guy all the time, causing his man to get tired and lost on D.

I remember one game, me and my bro were on the same team and since he's a lights out shooter and I know his sweet spots so I try to set screens as much as I can for him. Well, the guy defending him was really active and engaged at first. He was the oppositions playmaker and ran around like a fckn rat. But then it happened: I set some straight up chinese wall picks on him for like 10 minutes and my bro was draining shot after shot that day - at one point the guy just started standing around on D and whenever I set a pick on him he looked at me like "man for real?". He was getting frustrated as hell and tried to go one-on-one on my bro but didn't have the legs for it, lol. Needless to say, it cost his team the game because they had no one else who could really penetrate and after his one on one tirade failed he just passed up the ball all the time...
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