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Default Re: How to increase shooting range?

Crazy bump because I can't post threads yet. So happened to come across this while using google.

I struggle to shoot long ranged shots in general. Not even in terms of making it, but I feel like I need to exert myself a good deal to get a decent shot attempt. I must need to improve on something or am doing something wrong.

I actually have really strong legs (can squat 350 and I'm 5-9 for reference) as I've played soccer and run my whole life. Can't dunk but can grab rim pretty easily.

My form was jacked and a coach helped tweak it a bit. I used to sort of shoot with two hands and spin the ball with my off thumb.. Hard to explain and the rotation on the ball was like Joakim Noah I fixed it. Or am in the process of fixing it.

Should note that I have no problem getting a shot off with my old form. Ever since I started using the guiding hand for just that, I can barely hit rim in shoot around outside of 19+ feet.
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