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Default Re: Valanciunas For Harden

I wouldn't have done it back then as a GM for one reason. I would have wanted Valanciunas on his rookie deal for 3 years as opposed to paying Harden max (though I do think he is worth it); and my plan would be to tank for Wiggins. I'd be thinking down the road with Wiggins and Valanciunas. Now obviously if we were going after Drummond (like we should have even with JV); it makes sense.

Gay (cause we would still have Ed Davis + Calderon to trade for him)

not a bad team on paper. That team could actually be a top 4 seed in the east and at minimum, I think it goes second round. But question still remains, but then what? Also, I would assume they would have Derozan to dangle as well...
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