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Default Must say Kevin Ware is one lucky dude...

Yeah I know hes severely injured and possibly cant play b-ball again, but guess what? He's made his name known to the entire b-ball world, while he was actually just a role player averaging 4-5ppg for Louisville before going down with the injury. If he never was injured and continued with his b-ball career, hes not likely to make it to even NBDL. He'll have enough financial struggling in life this way.

Now that he was injured, he received attentions from NCAA and NBA, everyone was looking at him and sympathizing him. He also became a valuable marketing tool for big companies to make money, first with Adidas and now even CNN is inviting him to DC Dinner. Hes like a celebrity now, he possibly can make more money with ads than play b-ball for his entire life.

Sure its not like he has a choice, nor is anyone stupid enough to intentionally get injured hoping to get attention. I bet Ware is just one normal guy like us, but what you cant deny is that his injury actually made him better off in a long run. He may never step on the court again though, does it really matter?
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