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Default Re: How to increase shooting range?

you need proper form.

A pro golfer doesn't just beef up his arms and legs and try and smash the ball, they work meticulously on their form in order to prevent a plateau.

Proper understanding of the mechanics of a jump shot will lead to way better results than doing curls and dips all day. Frankly, arm strength is one of the least important factors in adding range to your shot. It's all about your form in the upper body and your balance/strength in the lower body.

A quick study while you shoot: BEEF

Balance - ten toes to the hole

Elbow - elbow tucked in and bent at 90 degrees. Can be less but no more, otherwise you wont have control of the ball/it will be too far from your own centre of gravity

Eye - when you release the ball your elbow should be above eye level. if its lower your shot will be flat, will hit front rim when you get tired.

Follow through - your wrist should stay cocked all the way back until you follow through. Think of an elastic band, when you stretch it, it snaps back by itself when you let it go. Your muscles are the same if conditioned properly. If you really work on snapping your wrist forward eventually it will happen on its own.

Work with one hand with these principles and start literally under the rim. Make 5 in a row and then move back 2 steps. If you miss start at zero. Once you get to a point where you can't make 5 in a row, make a note of that spot. For all intents and purposes, that is your range.

Keep doing this before you play, when you practice, basically anytime you step on the court. JJ Redick, Steph Curry, Steve Nash, Ray Allen, basically some the greatest shooters in NBA history are all on record saying they do this very drill to work on their form. I did this since I was a kid because my dad used to make me do it. I'm a pretty deadly shooter because of it, but I practice my shooting at least twice a week, not including days I play pickup. It goes to show that no one is BORN to shoot, they all work at it.
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