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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by Zan Tabak
We don't need 13 votes, just 7 for it or against it. Also, during the draft we can urge people to give their opinion's on trades throughout the season. In this thread.

Being in a >>Forum<< fantasy league, involves more than just participating on the Yahoo website. You also should be required to post in the fantasy thread during the season. More involvement should be mandatory. imo

After all, we are all members on this site for a reason.

I guess I'm saying that in order to get 7 for or against, we'd need almost unanimous decisions because we probably don't have 7 GMs that communicate on the thread. I agree, more thread opinions would be nice.

Playing devils advocate, I actually think a voting system would lead to way more arguing. I've seen deals that were terrible, but unless there is some unique circumstances, all deals have been approved. We probably did like 50 deals this season, great activity. That number would shrink big time. People would vote for or against a deal based on if it would help or hurt them in the standings. Just my opinion. A proper trade analysis would have to be done by a third party, obviously not an option for us.
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