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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

We won off of sheer guts and determination. Our execution was poor but we just outfought a very gritty, well coached, determined team.

Shump and Cope. looked overwhelmed by the moment. They played good defense but on offense they looked intimidated.

Melo. forced some shots at first but settled in and hit some clutch baskets down the stretch. He also played excellent defense. 4 stls!

JR. forced some shots but he was very aggressive and seemed to cherish the big stage. He played hard and had some key steals and rebounds at the end.

Kidd.He killed us offensively by passing up and bricking wide open shots. However, I gotta give him his props. Defensively, he was solid down the stretch. He had some nice deflections and steals.

Felton. I thought he'd be the key to the series. He was definitely the key to the game IMO. When we went down, he kept us in the game by attacking a very tough defender in Bradley.

Novak. I just think he's proven once and for all that playoff basketball isn't for him. Playoff quality teams aren't going to let guys like Novak get off. Woody should lessen his minutes and phase him out of the rotation. Grunwald got lucky. This dude may have saved our season. He had a great game. I think we would have lost without him today. The reason why is included in my assessment of the next player.

Tyson Chandler......... I'm so over this dude. Hurt or not, he didn't even give any effort. Guys have bad games all the time but it's another thing to be playing soft and lazy. If you are hurt, just go sit down. It's not like you're helping us anyway. There's always an excuse. Last year it was the "flu". This year, he says he was just rusty. Whatever it is, he absolutely sucked and I'm growing weary of him. We were CLEARLY a better team with Kenyon in the game. It's one thing to miss shots. It's another thing to not play hard and to just let 6'0" guards just come down the lane freely. I'm sorry but I just keep waiting to see this defensively dominant DPOY we supposedly signed. Instead, I see a soft 7'1" guy who averages less blocks than Kevin Durant. Dude needs to man up or sit out. 0 points, 0 FG attempts, 0 blocks and 5 rebounds isn't going to cut it. Especially when you're getting paid 14 mill.

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