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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Honestly, it's likely just wishful thinking from some who don't want Kentucky to win it all with that class. Add on what happened last season with this animosity and that is the conclusion they get.

Again, I don't believe it will happen. I actually think Cal does a good job at handling egos. Although I do think there will be a point next season where Kentucky doesn't look invincible (which I expect them to come out looking like) and some on court stuff will need to settle itself out.

Something like: UK finds itself on the road, in a hostile environment, giving away a late lead in the second half... Will the Harrison's fallback to nature and try to do it themselves? Does Randle, who is clearly an alpha, isolate the rest of this teammates and do it himself? Which I have seen him do in high school, as I tried following his career when UNC was recruiting him.

All teams with multiple stars go over the exact same situation. Remember when we were discussing who should be taking the last shot with the Heat? That lasted over a season, and unfortunately Kentucky doesn't have that much time to find it's cohesion.

So it will be interesting to watch for. I'm not definitely not cheering for you guys, but I don't expect the aforemetnioned team implosion either.
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