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Default Re: The sure to be epic 2013 Jazz off-season!

Some more insight into what next season might look like.

Indiana’s Paul George became the first player from the 2010 Draft to be selected to an All-Star team, but Favors and Hayward may become the first from that draft to take over a franchise.

"Three years have come and gone," Hayward said, "so it’s time to step up."

But if the Jazz lose Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson to free agency, Favors and Hayward will become the faces of the franchise, while the other young players will fill in key roles. General manager Dennis Lindsey is high on all of them.

What worries me is that everyone still seems to see Favors as better than Kanter.

"I think we can build a defense around Derrick Favors’ talent," Lindsey said. "I think Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks can take the ball and get creative. I think Enes Kanter can really score. I think Jeremy Evans can finish."

When the Jazz cleaned out their lockers at EnergySolutions Arena on Thursday, they left tasks for the summer. Favors said he would work more on his offensive moves. Hayward left with a challenge from Lindsey and coach Tyrone Corbin to become a vocal leader.

"It’s going to be fun to watch Gordon take over as a leader," veteran point guard Earl Watson said. "I think he has everything it takes to be a leader, because he’s proven it. He took Butler to the national championship game and almost beat Duke."

Of Hayward, Corbin said: "He’s been getting a better understanding from the first year he was here to last year to this year. How he can carry us on the offensive end, how he can make plays for us on the defensive end."

Of Favors and Kanter, and whether they’re ready for starting roles, he said: "They’re better. We’ll see where it goes, if that’s where things end up then they’ll be ready to go."

I think people make to much out of starting. I don't want to see all of them starting together yet. I want to see vets mixed in. Hayward has had success off the bench the past two years. Favors and Kanter should be broken up and unless Millsap or another offensive vet is signed than Kanter needs to start becasue of his offensive prowess. Minutes are what is important. A 3 big man rotation gives everyone plenty of minutes especially if Millsap is back playing some 3. Same with the wing especially since I see G as a point forward and Burks also a capable lead guard. I could see those two both starting with a veteran combo guard.

The challenge the Jazz front office faces, is finding the right mix of veterans to fill out a roster around the young nucleus it believes is good enough to get the Jazz back to prominence. But doing that in a single offseason could prove challenging.

Yes especially for a franchise that doesn't like change.

The draft, in which the Jazz will have two first round picks, is not considered particularly deep. Neither is the free agent class.

The returning young players will have enhanced roles, but it won’t necessarily come with immediate success. It’s a direction the Jazz are willing to go in exchange for long-term benefit.

"If the best alternative is to go young and be very young with the [financial] flexibility we’ve built," Lindsey said, "I’m not afraid to do that."

You still have to have a balance of vets and youth. You see the difference in Washington this year with the addition of vets.

Before Jefferson left the arena Thursday, maybe for the last time as a member of the Jazz, he was asked about the future of a Jazz team led by Hayward and Favors.

"Sky’s the limit," he said.

The Jazz hope so.
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