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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread


Melo - He was hot to start and then started to play 1 on 1 too much. He adjusted in the 2nd half and then hit some big shots at the end. 36 points,6 rebounds,4 steals on 45% shooting,overall a pretty good game from him.

J.R. - Didn't shot well but he played hard all game. His defense was solid and he grabbed 5 boards too. Just like Melo he isolated a little bit too much.

Felton - I love this guy. He isn't the best point guard and isn't very efficient but this guy is a warrior. He was 5-13 but had so many huge plays. Hit timely buckets,even crashed the offensive glass and that block on Bradley was sweet.

Jason Kidd - Hit two threes in a row early on to keep us in game. In the 2nd half he was bricking shots but played excellent defense.

Kenyon Martin - He played absolutely amazing. Rebounding the ball,blocking shots and making shots around the rim. If it weren't for him we would have lost the game. K-Mart

Woodson - He actually made some adjustments. Defense was better in the 2nd half,he decided to play K-Mart instead of Tyson which eventually won the game for us. Also the ball was moving more in the 2nd half and Copeland and Novak almost didn't play at all in the 2nd half.


Tyson Chandler - I know he's hurt but he was a ghost. Players were running layup drills with him protecting the paint. And he was a no show on the glass as well. I don't even want to mention his offense. Luckily K-Mart saved us.

Copeland - Didn't do anything out there.

Novak - Just trade him to a team that loves to run and shoot threes,something like the Rockets or the Warriors. He doesn't even help us in the regular season anymore,not to mention that he's completely useless in the playoffs.

Shumpert - He wasn't as bad as the three players above but I expected more from him.

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