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Default Re: How do you stop this VERY FAT and TALL guy DOMINATING in streetball?

Originally Posted by ripthekik
If he camps near under the basket, I would say front him. That means instead of standing between him and the basket, stand in front of him and the basket. Try to steal the ball or avoid any entrance passes going in. If his teammate tries to lob it over you and inside to him, get another teammate to double and snatch that ball.

Otherwise, if he's 6'9" and just taller and bigger than you, there's nothing you can do when he gets it deep.

Deny the ball from going to him. DOUBLE team him as soon as he gets it.. and I hope one of you guys can jump high enough to block his shot. Or crowd him so that before the ball gets up that high, one of you can strip it off him

Thanks for your informative answer. Will take your advice and try to do something before the game of basketball deteriorates to a sumo fest..
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