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Default Re: How do you stop this VERY FAT and TALL guy DOMINATING in streetball?

Back when I was in middle school, I remember a few of my cousins and their friends used to play basketball together. I would join in occasionally, but not often because everyone was twice my size at the time; however, I did usually watch them play.

Anyway, I recall one day a 6'7"+, 250+ lb guy asked to join in their pick-up game. The group's tallest player was 6'0", but he was as thin as a needle. The rest of the guys were under 5'10" and only one guy was built enough to handle post abuse.
Obviously, the new guy dominated. All he had to do was dunk. He could easily grab boards over all of them; he blocked shots so much that you'd think Wilt Chamberlain had been reincarnated; if the game was 21 and tip-ins were allowed, nobody could get more than 5 pts before this dude would dunk tip the ball and bring the score back down to 0; and he moved pretty quickly with or without the ball, so it wasn't easy to defend him.

It got to the point where the pick-up games weren't fun any more because nobody could stop this giant. To make a fair comparison, it was similar to, say, current LeBron James playing against high schoolers.

After a few days in a row of him coming through and dominating all day, my cousins and their friends finally decided they had enough and told the guy to politely "fuck off." He was mad and wanted to fight a few guys, but they were all yelling back and made him leave.

You can say they acted like a bunch of bitches, but let's be honest. If you're just playing basketball with your friends for fun and some new guy comes through and ruins the fun, wouldn't you want to ask him to leave? It's not like any of them were truly competing for anything. It was just some after school fun, and ain't no fun if you're getting your ass kicked.
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