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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Still not blown away by Canelo. He took large stretches of that fight off and those scorecards were a total joke. The commentators had it about right. I probably had it 1 or 2 points in Canelo's favor, but almost all of the rounds were razor thin.

Canelo's conditioning looked questionable to me. He was relying on landing one or two hard shots each round to sneak away with a decision.

To me, he seems like one of those guys who does a lot of things really good and no one thing great.

I don't know if it's because he lacks experience, or b/c of his cardio, or b/c he just fights like a weirdo, but he does that every fight. He will lull you to sleep, then explode on you, rinse and repeat. The good thing is that he usually carries his power throughout the whole fight, the bad thing is that he could end up losing fights like that in the future.
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