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Default Re: The sure to be epic 2013 Jazz off-season!

Arash Markazi: CP3 on Bledsoe: "There’s no way he can be here next year because we probably won’t have enough money to pay him." Twitter @ArashMarkazi

Arash Markazi: CP3 on Bledsoe: "He should be a starting point guard in this league next year.” Twitter @ArashMarkazi

Arash Markazi: CP3 won't talk about his future but the way he's talking about Bledsoe's would lead you to believe CP3 is here long-term. Twitter @ArashMarkazi

Looks like CP3 plans on being back in LA. No surprise. He is right though. They won't be able to afford to keep Bledsoe or keep him happy coming off the bench even if they did pay him He will become available as soon as Paul signs.
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