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Default Re: Revis traded to Bucs for picks (including this years #1)

Originally Posted by irondarts
The Bucs just absolutely fleeced the Jets. Any Buc fan who is upset with this trade is stupid. People overvalue draft picks so much. Getting the best CB in the NFL for the 13th Overall pick in a weak draft is an absolute steal.

Weak draft? I don't agree at all.

It's not top heavy, no great QB's to pick like Luck or RG3 but this draft has quite a few other elite prospects as different positions, and is as deep a draft class as any in the last 5-7 years.

I think the 9-13 range is a great place to be in the draft. Jets have two picks now in that space.

I kind of like the trade. They weren't exactly Revis away from being in the superbowl. I don't think paying 15-16 million a year for a corner on a rebuilding and cap starved team is exactly ideal.

They also held up just fine on defense without Revis. Still finished first overall I believe in pass defense, even though they didn't have an impact pass rush up front.

Now they can address other areas of their team with a borderline elite prospect.

I also like it for the Bucs...they needed to get better in the secondary, clearly....and have done just that. It was their biggest weakness last year.
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