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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Reef
He doesn't seem to fight with any urgency. I'm not sure if he feels like he's not being challenged or what. Maybe it's because nobody has been able to test his chin really. I'd like to see him against some real power punchers.
Well, he was challenged last night in a big way, I thought. Maybe his chin wasn't challenged, but he was being out-boxed for large stretches of that fight. Then again, if judges are going to score fights like that 118-109 in his favor, he may never face a challenge unless he gets KOed.

If Mayweather truly is the next fight for Canelo, I don't see him winning or coming close to winning if he fights anything like he did last night. Of course, this is assuming Floyd doesn't fall off a cliff due to his age.

Relying on landing an occasional power shot, while spending the majority of the fight trying to dodge punches will not work, even against the Floyd that didn't look great against Cotto.

The conditioning would be a major factor for Canelo. He needs to get that in order before challenging Floyd.

Same thing goes for Martinez. He would catch Sergio and maybe even knock him down, but no way he can keep up with that kind of work rate unless he completely changes his approach.
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