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Default Re: Should Thibs be fired?

Slightly, but the medical staff I think is far more at fault.

Rip wasn't particularly glass before he came here. I mean he essentially skipped games in Detroit, and obviously had nose issues long before he came here but that was before. Then he comes here and..well....yeah.

Boozer is as Boozer does, but has stayed healthy the past 18 months.

Deng's always been injury prone, and definitely aggravated stuff this year, hopefully he gets 100% healthy in the offseason. But since his leg issues stopped more or less.(The achilles, the leg injuries the year after he signed his extension, the calf) I'm really worried about him burning out in a few years just because of injury. His offensive game won't because that's not what it's predicated on (aside from the torn ligament which will heal eventually) but those that could be an issue. but if so that's a few years away.

Noah wasn't injured really at all at florida. But since being drafted likes to miss 10-15 games a year due to his ankle/foot.

Rose's health is mostly speculative. You can say the injuries kept mounting up last year and that maybe they were caused by one another and the body was trying to make up for that. Or you can say he just had a really random injury prone year for a guy who before was never injured seriously. Missed a game or two a year which most guys do, so yeah.

Taj didn't miss a game his rookie year, and missed two his sophomore year then had a pretty rough knee injury he probably came back from too early. So I don't really think that's on anyone.

Jimmy is healthy usually, Marco has a good health record, as does Nate (overall). Kirk started breaking down the day we traded him basically, pretty sad what happened there.

Does Thibs ride the guys too much? Yes, particularly the last two years when we had absolutely terrific depth which should have been playing more. But he did change that this year and made strides. And I think he's starting to improve on that. This year though he did have to ride the starters more than ever before because of the lack of depth, and of course when one guy got injured there was at least 2-3 more behind that injury.

I think he's still the right coach for right now, and while he's got defense down pat, and he's learning the x's and o's a bit. He'll probably learn to give guys breaks down the line, rest guys more than he should.
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