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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins' school commitment

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Apparently just that (flight problems).

I would be more worried if Kentucky's visit weeks ago wasn't just Cal telling him to keep an open mind and if it lasted longer than 15 minutes. But at least Cal got to see him face to face, and now the other coaches have been reduced to a phone call because this needs to get done by Thursday.

From everything I have heard, it's still about the parents. Convince Mitch and you likely get his son. And by convince, it sounds like convince him to choose a school that isn't his alma mater.

yea definitely agree. I used to play against his older brother (Mitch Jr., not Nick from Wichita St.) and dude literally manages EVERYTHING about his sons. Where the play, who they talk to. Not surprised that this has been pretty hush hush considering the amount of discretion his dad uses.

to be honest, in the last few weeks I've kinda had doubts about the FSU thing. Everything points towards FSU (Rathan-Mayes, his parents alma mater, his dad and Wiggins playing together on the 76ers, etc etc) but logically the only friction there could possibly be if it took this long would have to have come from Andrew himself, otherwise it would have been a done deal.

I'm really starting to think that UNC is more and more of a possibility. He said his favourite two players all-time are Jordan and Vince Carter, both UNC alums. Ever since his official visit to UNC (even though they lost to Duke) I've not been so sure about FSU. The atmosphere was INSANE for that game and the campus must have been electric that weekend. I'm sure that left an impression.

I'll wait until someone confirms a reschedule of the meetings. For now, Blue Nation is going off
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