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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

Originally Posted by franchize
BullSh!t. I'm tired of being fed that rebuilding crap. Sh!tty organization rebuild. Only rebuild I'm accepting is one after a ring. I'm tired of being told to "have faith". What do we have to go on?

Bottom line is, we got a new GM and his 1st priority was to get rid of our best player. Not just our best player now but arguably the best player we've ever had. And for what? A 1st round pick that probably won't yield anywhere near his talent. Yet Tim Tebow is still on the team. Mark Sanchez got an extension. It took us forever and a day to cut Eric Smith. Took us years to cut Brian Thomas, Wayne Hunter, Drew Coleman, Jim Leonhard. The list goes on. All bums. Darelle Revis? Best CB in the league? O no....he's too much of a headcase. Our organization ain't sh!t....point blank period. We had gaping holes on offense we never addressed and instead of doing so, we let our team rot away, and now we just created another gaping hole. The New York Jets are a TRASH ORGANIZATION and I'm absolutely ashamed to be a fan. We'd rather sell tickets with gimmicks than win games. I'm not going to be a turncoat and root for another team but they will NOT get my money until they get their crap together. Any bit of Jets merchandise will be out of my house by the end of the week. Let me know if you want anything Knickscity lol
I dont dispute any of what you said, but they are bad and going nowhere, they had to make this deal.

Why not accept less money like Brady did? Brady wants to win and his team is the bar opf excellence, no different than the Spurs of the NBA and Tim Duncan.

The Jets are no different than the can't cheat the system.

The team must be built properly and have players willing to participate in such rebuild.

The Jets have no talent, none at all....they were gonna win no more than 4 games WITH Revis, and probably lose him for nothing next year anyway.

The biggest mistake they made was not improving the team after those AFC ship runs, and thinking they were good enough.

Defense is built on effort, not lockdown corners.....the NFL is a passing league, and this team can't score.

At least Cro was willing to help in that area, no one even knows if Revis can play.

Quit holding out and he might have stayed a Jet.

Good luck and goodbye to Revis, he served us well, but not really needed in the NFL.
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