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Default Re: Revis traded to Bucs for picks (including this years #1)

Originally Posted by Carbine
Weak draft? I don't agree at all.

It's not top heavy, no great QB's to pick like Luck or RG3 but this draft has quite a few other elite prospects as different positions, and is as deep a draft class as any in the last 5-7 years.

I think the 9-13 range is a great place to be in the draft. Jets have two picks now in that space.

I kind of like the trade. They weren't exactly Revis away from being in the superbowl. I don't think paying 15-16 million a year for a corner on a rebuilding and cap starved team is exactly ideal.

They also held up just fine on defense without Revis. Still finished first overall I believe in pass defense, even though they didn't have an impact pass rush up front.

Now they can address other areas of their team with a borderline elite prospect.

I also like it for the Bucs...they needed to get better in the secondary, clearly....and have done just that. It was their biggest weakness last year.
No elite prospects, I think that the players taken between pick #15 to pick #60 will all be similarly talented. This draft is loaded with guys who aren't elite but who are very good. I think the talent differential from mid-first rounders to second round picks is nearly even. So yes, this draft is loaded with depth, but it doesn't hurt too much to give up a mid first rounder (especially for the best CB in the league) because the talent level of these players is so even.
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