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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins' school commitment

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Did the Nike rumor originate with Jerry Meyer? Because that guy is a tool who is wrong about almost everything he throws out. He called John Wall to Baylor, his rankings are absurd, and he's an attention starved whore.

From what I gather...
-UK is recruiting with the join the greatest class pitch.
-UNC is recruiting with join the UNC basketball family, don't you want your kids to have what you didn't (Mitchell wanted to play for UNC out of high school).
-FSU is recruiting with build your own legacy.
-And I still have no idea what Kansas is doing. All I know is Andrew and Self hit it off.

Technically no one got a home visit because his home is in Canada. Thursday starts a dead period in recruiting so there's no time to reschedule. These coaches are busy. Wiggins is busy. The time was made to fit before the dead period perfectly and now it has to be changed up.

Cal went to see off Wiggins before he left for the McDonalds game.

Then Roy reached out to Wiggins to see if he could get a visit on Monday (today) about a week back. Wiggins agreed. That sparked the other two coaches to set up their visits. However, like the interview with Fulford says, the other visits were going to eventually happen.

Interestingly, Daniels also posted this 6 days ago:

However, after the McDonalds game he said something along the lines of he thought for the first time in Wiggins' recruitment a possible leader emerged: UK. Can't find the exact quote and it wasn't as candid as I made it, but he obviously implied such.

And apparently I'm going through this in reverse chronological order. Cal visit, McDonalds, UK leads(?), UK doesn't lead (?), Roy visit, Self and Hamilton visits, canceled visits... There we go.

Again, I still believe it's all about the parents. I heard some stuff there, but it's only from a UNC perspective.

I remember that interview, he was talking about all the UK commits and what it would mean if he joined them (answering a question mind you, not like he jump out and start frothing at the mouth about it).

I definitely think UK improved their position a lot coming out of the AA game. I don't think that necessarily puts them in the lead, even his brother Nick said he didn't feel they were a good fit even considering their stacked roster.

From what everyone else has been saying about their recruitment to UK (Randle, Harrison twins, etc) the main selling point seemed to be the fact that they'd be playing against the best freshman, and possibly, some of the best players in the country. The timing of Cal's visit, I must say, is another reason why he is one of the best recruiters in college sports, absolutely perfect. Now considering that Wiggins had to cancel, this is all looking favourable to UK.

If we truly believe Wiggins when he says he doesn't know, then the strongest lasting impression might just be Calipari which would definitely make a difference. If we go by what else we know, then they seem dead even with FSU and UNC. At this point it would literally shock me if he went to KU. There just hasn't been much indication of anything aside from his meeting with Self.

tbh I'd be surprised if this went on any longer.
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