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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

im going to post some comments on the hoop summit. there's probably a few things from the first i'll miss on saying but from 8:10 in to the second quarter i'll say what i can. i'm on a 480p version so it's a little bit annoying but the quality is still good enough.

- #7 from usa (i think its a harrison) had some really bad touches with the ball. just sloppy play, mis-timed, unimpressive.

- aussie on the world is super impressive so far.

- parker hit the tough leaner then hustled for that steal. that's some impressive play, really like it.

- #4 on the world does a great job attacking the basket.

- yeah, #7 is a harrison. good job on his attacking play but his feel for the ball just seems really off to me. not to mention his ability to include his teammates. also, his facial expressions are a combo of westbrook-ray allen

- towns is uuuuuuuuuuuugggggglyyyyyyyyy. he better be happy he has good game.

- parker impressed me more than wiggins in the first half but i really like wiggins moves to the basket.

- ok #7 harrison has such a carry handle on the ball. i hate how i couldnt do that in my high school game but these guys can.

- the world team is so much more impressive as a team than the usa. especially on the glass.

- jean-charles stock must have flown up due to this game. scouts gotta drool over the play he's exhibiting so far.

- randle has the face of zach randolph and i like his play.

- lebron getting out of the way of randle that pass was great from parker.

- this will be my last point saying something about #7 harrison. this guy is going to excel in the nba because hes already getting stupid late whistles in hs

- australia just shot one of those threes when you pick it up low off of a bad pass. thats one of those shots i really do not like.

- im going to mention this now because i just remembered it, but wiggins courtside interview was hilarious. he was barely paying attention.

- usa's run is great here in the third. where my wiggins?! oh he just got subbed in, haha.

- yeah ok wiggins will need to learn to stop taking those threes until that shot gets better.

- hahaaahahahahaaah wow the us just gave up 3 fastbreak baskets... boy oh boy that was sloppy

- wiggins popping pills off the bench.

- i love how the world's play evolves whether wiggins is on the floor or not.

- i'm pretty sure its jean-charles who yells "NO" when going up for the block. whoever it is is fcking awesome.

- how is gordon the #4? i mean its the only game i've ever seen of him minus some sporadic highlights, but he looks pretty one-dimensional out there. probably just a bad game, foul trouble and all.

-wiiiggiiinnnsssss stop shooting threeeessssss. also 5:30 left in the 4th how does he end with what? 20 points? feels like he only has 10 right now but I think he has a little more.

- i might as well make another one-game statement. parker has...well the little pop-up from espn just said it. versatile game. seeing that he is 6-17 from the floor at this point actually surprises me. feels like he's played a lot better...anyways, my one-game statement is he'll have a better college career than wiggins. maybe not in terms of winning if wiggins goes UK.

ok theres about a minute left i dont think theres much left to say.
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