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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

What gets me is when knowledgeable football fans complain about him holding out. Newsflash...EVERYONE holds out. It's NFL players on way to negotiate. They don't have guaranteed contracts and they play in a sport where the lifespan for a player is only 3 years. Marcellus Wiley said best when he played Warren Sapp. Sapp said "Revis is just selfish. Me and Brooks were never like that." Wiley said "Revis just wants to get paid so he doesn't go bankrupt like you did!"

I don't get how you can say Revis isn't needed. He's a lockdown corner in a passing league. Our defense and team for that matter was at it's best when we had our two big time corners. You HAVE to have shutdown corners to operate Rex Ryan's pressure/blitz heavy defense. I guess we can look forward to the days of Mangini with a mundane, bend but don't break base D.

End of the day, the guy is 27 years old. The best player at a very important position. He's on a non guaranteed contract and cornerback was the ONLY position you were set at on defense. We can get all the WR in the world and we wouldn't have a high powered offense.

Adding talent and paying your best player does not have to be mutually exclusive. Maybe if you didn't make moves like giving Sanchez an extension or trading for a 2 million dollar backup QB who can't throw, this wouldn't even be an issue. After those AFC title games, all we really needed was a right tackle, a safety and another quality WR on offense. A decent pass rusher on defense. That's it. We managed to do everything BUT get that, and then let everyone walk. I'm sorry but before I go through yet another year of supporting yet another rebuild, I need to know you are committed to winning.
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