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Default Re: Should we somehow try to get rid of Amare?

Originally Posted by Clutch
I would do Amare + 1st for Josh Smith (if he's going to sign a long term contract for us).

He's a very good defensive player and rebounder. Very athletic,solid post game.
The thing with him is that he has a pretty low IQ,isn't clutch and can't shoot for shit.

I would rather have him than Amare because he's better on defense and he can actually play unlike Amare who's always hurt.

I don't think I would include Shumpert in that deal.

#1 We can't trade our 1st. We didn't have one last year.
#2 ATL isn't going to do that. They already have a PF and they already got rid of one horrendous contract. Why would they take on another?
#3 We should do that regardless of whether Josh Smith signs long term. End of the day, even if he left, we get rid of that Stoudemire contract.
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