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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Knicks were 15-1 with Prigioni as the starting PG. Nuff said. We need him.

He's also most likely going to be ready for game 2.

#1 He wasn't the PG
#2 Just because a guy is present during a streak, it doesn't mean he's the reason.
#3 Nobody is saying he's useless. I'm just saying certain matchups make certain role players less effective. For instance, Novak is useless against teams like Chicago and Boston because they typically close out well on shooters.

Against Boston, I think you need players that are going to attack the hoop. They don't have shot blocking and they don't leave shooters open. I think penetration is the key to the series. That's why I've been saying Raymond Felton is the key to us beating Boston. In Game 1, he was very aggressive in attacking the hoop. Boston is a great defensive team but they're old. If you make guys like Pierce and Garnett move their feet too much, they'll wear down. If you play one on one, pass the ball around the horn and don't cut to the basket, that's when Doc Rivers thrives. The gameplan to single cover Melo with your best defender and stay home on the shooters is actually a brilliant move. Let's face it, Melo is going to get his regardless. Just make him get it inefficiently. Don't let him score AND then get role players like Kidd and Novak going.
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