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Default Re: Revis traded to Bucs for picks (including this years #1)

Originally Posted by GOBB
When it comes to Revis there is almost no guarantee. I'd like to think he be there 2 years at the least. Almost want to believe it but Revis track record. Makes it iffy. Who knows if that guy all of a sudden wants guaranteed bucks or doesn't want to play there holdouts etc etc

Someone on another board posted this:

Quite the opposite actually, b/c there are no bonuses, he either plays and makes $1M per game, or he sits at home and costs the Bucs nothing, is fined $50K per day and can't sign anywhere else b/c he's under contract. A holdout is contract suicide.

Makes sense to me. I mean the man is getting a million a game. I just can't fathom him holding out making that kind of coin.
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