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Default Suns fire GM Lance Blanks

The news of Lance Blanks and the Phoenix Suns parting ways (and what precisely that means is unknown as I write this -- was he fired? Reassigned?) is stunning in only one regard; it means the three amigos, the three L's of Suns basketball, Lon, Lance and Lindsey, are breaking up. It was so easy and convenient to assume they were a package deal and it's encouraging to see that Babby can read the handwriting on the wall just as clearly as the next guy.
Simply put, Blanks had done nothing to earn the opportunity to make one more important decision. You couldn't entrust a high lottery pick with the same decision maker who gave Michael Beasley $18 million or decided, in sloppy fashion, that Lindsey Hunter was to be his handpicked coach.

And so Babby, empowered by his new deal, came to the conclusion that many had reached long ago -- the Suns can do better. Good for him for resisting what could have been a comfortable urge to give Blanks one more chance and instead opt to venture into undiscovered territory. Not that this absolves Babby from all responsibility but if talent evaluation is the problem, go hire a better evaluator. Clearly one is needed.

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