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English please? And I'm not 29.

Ok you said you were 29 or 30 around there somewhere.

29 old makes 20 useless post ?Good title there.

Whats so hard to understand about that?

Sheeds about to spill Miller Lite on Rip... and that's the smallest bong ever. that bong is smaller than bk33's johnson.

Edit, actually the bong probably belongs to his asian friend.

Also - what's with the cheddar Chex Mix? NBA player would never eat that. Get their hands messy, they go to touch any of their jewelry/expensive clothes/shoes/car, it's stained for live with random Cheez Substance. Only thing worse than that is cheese nips. They're like CheeseIts, except taste way worse and get all sorts of orange-yellow fake cheese residue all over your fingers. Gay.

I actually thought it was funny, but mostly because of randomness and how bad it was. Take that how you will. Good picture choice though.

Ok I like you're comments. Trying to be witty ,funny and sarcastic all at the same time. Damn bro you should have been one of those roasters at the Emmitt Smith roast that was posted the other day. Holy shlt you have never even seen a bong in you're life and watching you talk about one in person would be hilarious. It would be like Filbert from Rockos Modern life talking about Dildos or something.

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