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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

This game mirrored Game 1 in the 1st. Our offense looked a bit sluggish. We gave up some perimeter J's and penetration. Then we buckled down defensively in the 2nd. Only difference is, Celtics couldn't keep up and we put it on them in the 2nd half. They just had a meltdown defensively and capitalized.

Novak- He doesn't belong on the court for meaningful minutes in the playoffs. Period. There's really no two ways about it. He got abused on D by Crawford and on offense, playoff teams aren't going to let him get off. Time to look to move him this offseason.

Copeland- I think the moment might be too big for him. He just appears to have rookie jitters.

Kidd- Kidd did what Kidd does. He doesn't give you much offensively at all but he makes scrappy plays in key moments to help the team.

Melo- Took a while to get going but you know eventually he's going to show up and show out. He took over in the 2nd half and when he's hot...fahgeddaboutit!

JR- He started off hitting superstar quality shots. Then, when we were slumping, he went cold. Overall, he had a good game though. He played with heart, determination and he locked up defensively. All you can ask for.

Shumpert- He started off looking nervous. His game is predicated solely on his confidence. I don't know what was said but out of nowhere, he turned the switch. He gets the game ball in my opinion. He led the comeback. 2 big 3's and when Woody put him on Pierce, he completely shut him down.

Felton- He's been the key to our success. I don't know why Woody had him on Pierce. Not fair. On offense, Woody had Prigioni running the point and him playing off guard. Waste of time. We're best when Felton is running the offense.

Prigioni- I tried to tell yall this isn't the series for him. I hope Woody isn't stubborn and is man enough to say this isn't working. He can't run the point and the 2 PG lineup causes matchup problems on defense. It's no knock on Pablo. "Styles make fights"

Martin- Big game once again. His defense and rebounding were huge. He's the shot blocking we needed. I'm telling you, getting him might have saved our season. His intensity and toughness is exactly what you need in the playoffs.

Chandler- Gimme a break with this guy. I don't want to hear any excuses anymore. The guy stunk it up. I'm tired of Knicks fans and the media trying to find nice things to say about him every time he stinks the joint up. Bottom line is, Tyson Chandler has yet to show up for a playoff game as a Knick. Period. He had one 3 possession stretch where he got an And 1 and a block. Other than that, it was pretty much like Game 1. We look like a better team when Martin is on the court. We may even need to activate Barron for insurance. It's not like we're relying on him for scoring. I just want to see effort and intensity. All I see is a guy letting guards penetrate at will. Even if he is hurt, there's no excuse for that. Joakim Noah has a visible injury and he worked his a.s.s of vs Brooklyn the other night. Bottom line is, Chandler needs to get it together and earn his $
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