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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
Great win. 2-0 it is. Now we need to steal one in Boston and then we would have multiple opportunities to win just one game.

Let's all give props to Raymond Felton. He's been great in this series even though his numbers don't show it as much.
14.5 points,5.5 rebounds,4 assists on 46% shooting.

Guy is a warrior and his defense has been quite good too. Not only that but he made big plays when it mattered the most.
Then you have Jeremy Lin shooting 1-7,having only 4 points,4 assists with 4 turnovers in game 1. Glad we got Raymond

Melo needs to play more like he did in the 2nd half. He needs to get his shots of ball movement or loose balls,going iso all game isn't going to cut it.

J.R. was huge in the first half,keeping us in game. Tyson looked a lot better tonight so that's a plus.
Kenyon Martin blocking the shit out of Paul Pierce was priceless
Even Shumpert contributed in this game with two threes to open the quarter.

Novak was horrible. He shouldn't even get a minute of playoff time. I would rather have Copeland out there even though he sucks too.

What do you mean "steal one in Boston"? We're winning at least 1 there, if not 2.
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