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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

i hate this notion media is creating that "o its cus they are without rondo..."

as if the celtics beat us 2 years ago presumably at full strength, when infact we lost billups and amare to injuries and melo was left with douglas, jefries, fields (cant remember the rest of the team) to help carry that scoring load...but that was considered a legit sweep for the celtics

even now, teams from here on out are probably gonna be seeing this team, which is as full strength as it gets for us, but add in amare/or camby if ever in the future, and that just tips us over full strength and gives us opportunities to exploit match-ups.

i been saying this, 3rd times the charm, and i think amare /melo is gonna get it clicking, even though 2nd time around wasn't that bad

imagine you get 10-15/20 minutes a game with a featuring 2nd unit of martin, amare, jr, and fill that in with kidd/novak/prigs/melo at any point while u feature melo/jr/tyson for the majority of the game....(dont get fooled, tyson needs to and will be bigger that martin once he gets his feet under him again and he will be more important to us to advance further)

and the best part, we arent winning these games by just outscoring the other team, we are actually playing defense to stop the other team and its something huge to take note of....u see miami, they won the first two games by outscoring the bucks, bucks are also scoring at will but at the same time the bucks cant play good enuf d to stop miami. (see our 3 wins vs miami, wud have been 4 if we hadnt gone cold) they cant play d for shit, it comes down to us scoring and us playing our d.

my point, i think our d is better than that generic media created bs of miami's defense and those once a week highlight of lebron racing back for a block which makes him a defensive player of the year candidate. ...and if the refs let us play, we have a good chance to knock them off

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